Sunday, April 7, 2013

Loving Jenna - Skye, Katelyn

Romance, Adult, Contemporary
3 out of 5 stars
Kindle 163 pages

This series is contemporary, erotic romance featuring a billionaire, alpha male bachelor who, after attempting a false engagement to ensure his inheritance, falls helplessly in love with the reluctant Jenna. As he fights for her affection while trying to secure his Father's fortune, Morgan is forced to come to terms with what is more important to him, his inheritance or the unconditional love of the beautiful Jenna (From Goodreads)

Overall I enjoyed this series. It was a pretty quick read, and some of the scenes were very steamy and left me panting. But at the same time the constant sex scenes left me a bit bored and I started skimming through them. There was some good characterization although I felt that mostly came from Morgan.

I liked Jenna, she had some backbone and wasn't some wimpy spineless woman who let her boyfriend lord over her. She wasn't ashamed of her sexuality and was very open about what she wanted from Morgan.

I loved that Morgan was so different from the run of the mill alpha male that is prevalent in a lot of New Adult or erotic novels. He had some issues that needed to be worked on, which he actually did! With the help of Jenna, who helped him become a warm and caring man instead of just someone that was focused on work.

There was a lot of drama which was nice. And it read really nicely and it was believable. Nothing like the lame soap opera stuff I've been reading lately. And Jenna handled things well! She didn't wilt under pressure but rose up to meet it. Especially when Morgan's ex-fiancee Imogen came into the picture.

I really enjoyed the steamy scenes at first, but I skimmed them at about the 75% mark because they had gotten quite ridiculous and numerous, some of the stuff they said to each other made me laugh out loud. But it was nice to see both parties receive pleasure instead of just the female getting showered with attention.

Looking back on it I felt I couldn't really connect with the characters. I liked them well enough but I felt  they had a lack of depth at some points. At one point in the series Jenna was feeling insecure about whether Morgan really loved her or not. The author told us that she was insecure, but that's about it. There wasn't really much internal monologue with Jenna about how to deal with it.

An overall enjoyable read, especially the gracious amounts sexy times that were most certainly very hot.

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