Thursday, May 22, 2014

High Octane: Ignited Giveaway!!

My first giveaway!! I hope you guys enjoy it! Here is an excerpt from the novel for you guys to enjoy!

Jet lag and alcohol might not have been the best pairing. It added up to a foggy 
sensation in the elevator on the way to his room. Cassidy Miller had used everything else to escape from her memories, so why not try sex? 

Ronan Hawes slipped his card in the slot and pushed open the heavy door with one arm, indicating that she should precede him. She was so close, she got a whiff of whatever scent he was wearing. 

“God, you smell good,” she blurted out. The door clicked shut behind them. “What is that?” 

Expression sheepish, he admitted, “Calvin Klein, but I’m under contract with 

She smiled. “You unfaithful swine. What’s wrong with Burberry?” 

 “Too ... British. Reminds me of Prince Charles. I have some bottles in the bathroom if you fancy it though.” 

“No,” she said, suddenly noticing the intensity of the inner gold ring of his irises. 

“You’ve met the prince?”  

“Several hang around the circuit, but I only got within sniffing distance of my own at a ceremony for an ex-teammate. I buggered off, though, before our aftershaves clashed.” 

Of course he was in that league. They all were. And what did she sound like? An 
enthralled schoolgirl. 

“I know.” Ronan reached for her hand, teasing his thumb across her knuckles, making her breath catch. “This royal chitchat is putting you off, killing the moment. Just tell me to shut up.” 

“No, no, it’s um—” She broke off as his hand slid up her arm, sending a delicious 
shiver to the back of her neck. She stepped back two paces. “Mind if I raid the minibar?” 

He looked surprised but recovered smoothly. “Nightcap? Pardon me for not offering, through here.” 

He led her over to the bar area and extracted a bottle. “Bourbon, wasn’t it? On the rocks?” 

Cass shook her head. “Straight up is fine.” She didn’t need him to take a trip to the ice machine. Better to get her drink and get this over with. She studied him while he poured. He was exceedingly good-looking. Enviable bone structure, square jaw. And suave. Definitely suave. What had she expected? That he’d jump her like some hick? Even standing still, her head was swimming, and her stomach was vaguely nauseated. All those drinks on an empty stomach. She’d be comatose if she weren’t careful. As if on cue, the room spun. She reached out a hand and made her way unsteadily over to the loveseat. 

“All right there?” The tiniest frown appeared between his eyes, but his smile remained. 

“Fine. It’s the shoes, not used to heels,” she mumbled. Oh God. Had she just slurred? 

He carried the drink over and set it on the glass coffee table, out of reach. She leaned over to grab it, nearly pitching face first onto the table. Now he was staring at her, not amused in the slightest. “You sure you’re all right?” 

She waved a hand in his direction and picked up the drink, then stared into the glass as the nausea welled up. “Excuse me.” 

She dashed for the bathroom. 

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